SANGHAMAM Multistate Co-operative Credit Society Ltd

   SANGHAMAM Multistate Co-operative Credit Society Ltd is established to serve and uplift the economically marginalized sections through participatory micro-financing. Registered under the Multi-State Co-operative Societies Act 2002 (No MSCS/CR/547/2012), with authorized share capital of Rs. 50 crores, we operate in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. We primarily aim to mobilize savings of our members through various investment schemes.

  This capital is redistributed among our members as interest-free micro-credits, so that they can develop self employment ventures and social enterprises. This will make them self sustained and will empower and their neighborhood. The Income generated from these ventures will be shared with Sanghamam on participatory profit-loss sharing basis. Thus SANGHAMAM envisages a socio-economic engineering, which will lead to Swaraj –empowerment and independence- of the needy and marginalized sections.